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Our company has over 70 years of activity in the port of Constanta, beginning with 1946 with the establishment of the company AKO, which passed through various changes in time, including a name change.

It is interested in attracting new flows of goods such as: bulk goods requiring high productivity technology, diversification and development of new capacities for loading / unloading, especially in building materials, agricultural products (cereals, technical plants) and metallurgical.

The reason for the addition of these new products and services is to increase revenue and profits and also to reduce physical labor by increasing mechanization. The company achieved traffic fluctuations depending on the port claim for benefits, request conditioned by the economy dynamics. DECIROM S.A. has contractual relationships with over 100 companies.

DECIROM S.A. Constanta has oriented its policy towards quality, environment, health and safety, as well as food safety, in order to implement and continuously improve the integrated management system according to international standards EN ISO 9001/2008; OHSAS 18001/2008; SR EN ISO 14001/2005.

Policy of quality, environment, health and safety promoted by DECIROM S.A. Constanta ensures customer orientation towards all the processes occurring in its business activities by identifying its needs and expectations in order to meet explicit and implicit requirements regarding services.

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