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Decirom Facilities

Stored products shall be continuously monitored, their security being provided by specialized security companies. Road and railway infrastructure enables a very good development of the harbor activities.

The key to development is based on commitment, effort coming from both sides, both employer and employee, DECIROM S.A. claiming permanent relationships with their teams, providing them an attractive material motivation. Such is the quality of services at international standards.

Decirom Endowments

  • used operational berths 6 (23, 23/24, 47, 48, 49, 50) placed along the shoreline, both in the southern and northern Constanta Port, being served by 2 railway lines each;
  • quay length: 1480 ml;
  • water depth: 13,5 m;
  • QCs: 17 buc.
  • forklifts: 13 buc.
  • tractors with trailers: 27 buc.