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The company’s object of activity includes:

  • carrying out import-export;
  • Ship loading of wood products (timber, MDF,OSB,HDF, logs);
  • loading/unloading to/from ships and river general cargo, including steel bars and coils, sheet paper and packages, metal, food, chemicals, scrap;
  • loading/unloading to/from ship building materials.

Port for these benefits, the company provides all related commercial operations. The company operates bulk, or establishment of any kind except liquid goods.


Our company is equipped with storage platforms in Constanta port:

  • technological platforms: 30000 square feet;
  • storage platforms: 68000 square feet;
  • covered warehouses: 32000 square feet;

The company can store goods in transit that are undertaken to import or export, having storage locations such as warehouses and special platforms, DECIROM S.A. also has the ability to perform a series of further operations on demand: sorting, tagging, reconditioning, repackaging, bark, palletizing.

Packaging / palletizing

For added protection and for easier goods manipulation, we provide quality packaging and bags with straps, bark in slings, wire, sheet and strapping bands.